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Transform Your

Parenting Experience

Gain the knowledge and support you need to create a happy and healthy home for your family with expert Ariella Aharonof MSEd BCBA, LBA

When You Finish The Parenting Consult...

* You will have a PLAN for tackling any of your struggles with your child and solving the problem.

* You will KNOW deep in your heart that this is achievable.

* You will have an identified PATTERN in your child's behavior and USE them to create positive change. 

And get a PERSONAL SESSION with Ariella Aharonof MSEd BCBA, LBA

Why a Consult?

 Ariella has conducted thousands of parent trainings and has transformed families from combative to cooperative. A consult is the perfect way to reconnect with your child through understanding where your child is coming from and finding practical simple solutions that will bring you and your child together in the coming years. 

Why Now?

Your child is growing up, each year that goes by they are meeting new milestones and getting closer to graduating, moving on and becoming an adult. Right now you can make a change that will impact your child forever. Discover how to strengthen your bond with your child and thrive as a family, even amidst the daily demands and challenges of life. 

Why Free?

Ariella sees so many parents looking for support. In the midst of today's challenges, she decided to offer some of her most powerful tools and strategies for free through this consult to help as many parents as possible thrive with their children. 

And get a PERSONAL SESSION with Ariella Aharonof MSEd BCBA, LBA

Who is Ariella?

Board Certified Behavior Analyst 

Meet Ariella, a dedicated parent and behavior analyst with a passion for helping families navigate the challenges of childhood behavior. With years of experience working with children and families, Ariella is committed to providing the support and guidance needed to help families find solutions and achieve positive behavior change. As the host of the "Parenting Made Simple" podcast, Ariella is dedicated to sharing practical and effective strategies for dealing with behavior challenges. Join Ariella on a journey to simplify the journey of parenting, and unlock the potential of your child.


What To Expect From A Podcast Consult


Our podcast aims to explore the real-life experiences of parents who are struggling with their child's behavior. We believe that by sharing these stories, we can help educate and inform others who may be facing similar challenges. 


As part of the podcast, Ariella will be conducting free consultations with a select number of parents. The consultation will be recorded and used as part of the podcast, with the family's permission and anonymity maintained. The recordings will be edited for clarity and to protect the privacy of all involved.  

And get a PERSONAL SESSION with Ariella Aharonof MSEd BCBA, LBA


As a guest on the podcast, you will have the opportunity to share the challenges you are facing with your child. Ariella provides new perspectives, valuable insights and practical strategies for parents to use. She aims to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to create a positive and successful environment for your child. 

Set your course for success with confidence and clarity as you  FORGE your future relationship with your child.

If you’re ready to CONNECT with your child with the proven strategies and mindset tools used by parents and therapists who are successful with children, then apply for a free consult today!

What does it mean to be connected?

Real Parent Reviews

Before I met Ariella it was like I was chasing my tail and spinning out of control. I was constantly putting out fires with my children and always one step behind. After working with Ariella for a year, I now embrace the power within myself. My home is structured differently. I anticipate the issues that may come up and plan for them creating a loving safe space for my children. I also have the flexibility to respond to changes in a way that feels good for me and my children. 

Sarah Gold , NY

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